My Flamingo  Plan

After months of collecting Corona Calories during 2020-21 pandemic isolation, I was desperate to get back on track with my health.  But it gets harder each year as I age and this reboot wasn't going down easily.  With the quit slacken' and make it happen attitude, I created the "My Flamingo Plan." 

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The Flamingo Plan uses social media to keep each other on track with the Plan.  Our duties as D.I.'s (Drill Instructors) is to push each other to post our Flamingo Plan activities.  When we not posting regularly, give a shout out and offer encouragement.

We are a Platoon of
Hope, Help and Encouragement

As representatives of My Flamingo Plan we will share our goals and progress. We will share, comment, offer suggestions and recipes.  We will share our achievements and disappointments but NOT (and never) failing as we are all about success

If regular posts begin to lag, we need to reach out and encourage!!
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Quit Your SLACKEN'
and make it HAPPEN

My Flamingo Plan was developed to help lose weight, eat healthier, build strength and gain endurance. The plan was designed with the needs of Baby-Boomers but all are welcome to join the Flamingo Plan journey. the program is based on focused goal setting, motivation, determination, and accountability .

And Its FREE!

Why FREE? This is a 2-wqy frequency as we use social media together to get healthy with this plan  Social media will help us be accountable in our journey towards that healthier lifestyle using the Flamingo Plan.  We are  D.I.s (Drill Instructors) helping each other to stay on track and share our journey

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Healthy Eating
Strength Building

My Flamingo Plan is not a "fad" diet but uses researched data along with common-sense and exercise routines for healthier living and achievable weight-loss.

Motivation and Determination are  an integral element to the Plan!!

Motivation is determined to but not committed to;  while determination is a commitment to get it done."  Example:  "Your weight-loss journey has motivated me to get healthier." vs. "I will lose weight to get healthier."

Focus and Accountability are  the Bricks and Mortar to the Plan!!

The building bricks of the Plan are to stay "focused" or the center of attention that excites interest.  My Flamingo Plan uses many different focal points to elicit both determination and motivation. Accountability is the glue that cements the successfulness of the Plan.