Disclaimers and Such

Although certifiable, I am not certified as a training or weight loss instructor.  Instead, I am relying on my 40+ years of experience as an athlete and from exercising both with and without professional trainers.  My exercise routines enabled my ability to run in the Boston Marathon and the Falmouth road races.  Undergoing numerous bouts of physical therapy including learning how to walk again, has provided me with a keen sense of recovery and strengthening routines.
I am a graduate of Bridgewater State University with a degree in communication including courses in nutrition,  and psychology.  Additionally, I have had extensive Cognitive Behavioral Training (CBT) as a patient with the Veterans Affairs Medical Center for PTSD/MST,

To sum it up:

You are at your own risk (or reward) for participating in My Flamingo Plan!


My Flamingo Plan is a program to lose weight, encourage healthier eating, strength building and endurance for elders.  My Flamingo Plan is based on goal setting, focus, determination, motivation, and accountability along with researched recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.


Sharing with elders the benefits of exercise and nutrition for healthier living and weight management.

My Story

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I am a Veteran who served in the United States Air Force from 1977-79 and am their 1st Female Aircraft Mechanic.  I am also the 1st Female Veteran Services Officer for the City of Melrose, Massachusetts and the founder of Stoneham's Veterans Memorial Road Race.