Of the 39 Diets rated annually in the U.S. News & World Report, the top 2 are the Mediterranean Diet and the Dash.  Of these 39 diets rated annually through US News, the Keto Diet was rated #37 which was ranked near the bottom in every category, besides short-term weight loss. Other bottom dwellers included the #31 the Paleo, #33 Atkins, #35 Whole30 with Keto in last place.  The Mediterranean and Dash diets are not only easy to follow, they rely on common sense, emphasis on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nutritional values.  Diets are not only hell, they are confusing.  Stop the Confusion, get back to simple and adhere to the authoritative recommendations established fifty years ago.  Use your common sense!


Sorry Peeps, diets do not work!  They are temporary, harmful, misleading and just plain hard to accomplish. When you diet you may be hungry and think about food all the time.   When you stop dieting you may overat to make up for what you mess.  Most people who diet end up gaining back the pounds they lost - AND MORE!

Remove DIET from your plan and replace it with:
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What is a "Nutrient Dense?"

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Weight alone is not a good indicator for how healthy you are.  Eating right, portion control, hydration, good sleep habits, and exercise are the components for a healthier lifestyle.  A healthy weight is the weight in which you feel good about yourself and have enough energy to enjoy life.  A healthy weight also lowers your risk for health problems.  And at my age I do not need health problems!


Focus on what you can accomplish. You are one (1) person, its just YOU.  Don't do what everyone else is doing, or what is working for them, make your own Plan to help YOU and own it!

You will struggle, you will have moments (never failures) but you will also receive great joy with each incremental success.  Put your mind into it and get it done!  

Avoid the pitfall of believing that once starting a diet you will look and feel great the very next month!  Don't give way to delusion! It took you awhile to get to this point and will logically take nearly as long to get back.  Give your self time to get healthy.  It's a life style, work it!  

Do not set yourself up for failure on day one by not having a winning attitude! Make daily cognitive adjustments to set yourself up for SUCCESS!